Erin Macey, Director of the Institute, recently sat down with Kerwin Olson, Executive Director at Citizen's Action Coalition to discuss what to do when utility companies overcharge or mis-charge Hoosiers in their utility bills. 

Here's our three key takeaways: 

  1. Make an attempt to resolve the issue with the utility company first. Document what you did!
  2. Call the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission (IURC) aka the "utilities watchdog" at 1-800-851-4268 and tell them your complaint. Making a complaint not only helps to resolve your individual issue, but also helps them know what broader issues might exist for consumers!
  3. Let your state senator and state representative know about the issues you are having, since they are responsible for the IURC. Find your state legislators here:  

Have you experienced an issue with your utilities or filed a complaint with the IURC? We'd love to hear about your experience

 Please note that this does not constitute legal advice.