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We need YOU to help us change systems to better serve Hoosier families. Below are several ways you can engage beginning TODAY.

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Share Your Story

Through stories, we can support existing policy priorities and identify new areas where change is needed. Sharing a personal story can interrupt damaging rhetoric and break down existing stereotypes or false beliefs about how the world works. When permission is granted, we share stories submitted to us on social media, in publications, in meetings with lawmakers, and at public events. Wherever possible, we connect storytellers to opportunities to share their story in their own voice.

Tell your Lawmaker about a Priority You'd Like Them To Support

Find your state lawmakers.

Learn how easy it is to make a call to your state lawmaker with this 3-minute video!

If there isn't a specific bill on the issue you care about or the legislature is not currently in session, you can still make a call. Let your lawmakers know what issue you'd like them to support or work on and why.


Your donations fund our time at the Statehouse and the Capitol.


Become an Institute Changemaker

Do you have time or talent you'd be willing to contribute? Email us! We've worked with committed advocates on a variety of initiatives, including launching social media campaigns, writing letters to the editor, setting up advocacy trainings for their group, and connecting with lawmakers.